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       Information customization
       In order to make the majority of users and readers to read the latest news and information of English version more easily and quickly in the Yiwu Municipal Government portal, we introduced the RSS aggregation of information services. The advantage of RSS aggregation of information service is that the readers just subscribe to the links of their own interest sections in the RSS news reader, and then they can automatically get the latest news of these sections with the help of RSS news reader.
       On this page we provide you the links of major channels and key parts in the Huangyan district government portal, users are welcomed to subscribe. The way of subscription: Run the RSS reader, select create or add a channel from the menu, and select categories interest you from the list below to copy and paste the XML address.
       Tips: Move the mouse on the address by "Ctrl + C" to copy the information



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       What is RSS?
       RSS is a simple way for site and other sites to share their contents (also known as polymer content). It is usually used for news site or other sites which arrange news in sequence, such as Blog. The description of a project may include all the news information or merely the extra information or brief introduction to the project. Links to these items can usually link to all of the information. With the help of RSS news aggregator software (such as FeedDemon, SharpReader, and NewzCrawler) , internet users are able to read out the website contents supported by RSS on the client without opening up the pages of websites. The website provides RSS output so as to allow the users to find that the website contents have been updated.
       How does RSS work?
       Generally you need to download and install a RSS news reader first(, and then subscribe to the news section which you are interested from the list of aggregate news provided by the website. After the Subscription, you will receive the latest contents of your subscribed news channel timely.
       What are the features of reading RSS news?
       1. No advertisements or image to affect in the process of reading title or summary of the article.
       2. RSS reader automatically updates your website content so as to maintain the timeliness of news.
       3. Users can add the summaries of multiple subscribed RSS in order to collect information from multiple sources and integrate the information into a single data stream.



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