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Qingyanliu "Entrepreneurship Institute" Established  Source:Government Website “Yiwu China” [Print] [Close]

The cooperation between Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College and "No. 1 Village of Online Stores" made great achievement again -- a few days ago, Qingyanliu "Entrepreneurship Institute" was formally established at the Party-Masses Service Center of Qingyanliu Village, Jiangdong Sub-district. Next, Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College will transfuse fresh "blood" to provide vast entrepreneurs in Qingyanliu with more abundant and colorful entrepreneurial mentoring and help the "No. 1 Village of Online Stores" better build brand and core values.

At the event, Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Innovation and Entrepreneurship with Jiangdong Sub-district and issued appointment letters to 10 teachers of Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College, outstanding e-businessmen, and entrepreneurs, who were employed as entrepreneurship mentors of the first batch of Entrepreneurship Institute.

By report, Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College had once joined hands with Qingyanliu in 2015 and set up the first University Students' Innovative Undertaking Laboratory of China in the village, starting a new model of joint talent cultivation by higher education institution and local government. Along with the changes in entrepreneurial environment, integration and optimization are urgently needed for the entrepreneurial resources and talent structure in Qingyanliu so as to unceasingly satisfy the new requirements of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurial services. The establishment of Entrepreneurship Institute upgrades the "powerful combination" between the both parties from single business incubation to an omnibearing entrepreneurial model covering creative design, product demonstration, professional practice, and so forth. It will build a more well-equipped cooperative platform of entrepreneurial service and mentoring, integrate the services of teaching, entrepreneurship, and social training, and create a stronger e-commerce atmosphere.


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