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Yiwu Promulgated the Five-year Plan for Nationwide Fitness  Source:Government Website “Yiwu China” [Print] [Close]

It was recently learned from the Yiwu Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV, Press and Publication that in order to further improve the physical quality and health level of Yiwu citizens, the Yiwu Municipal Government formally promulgated the Implementation Plan of Yiwu City for Nationwide Fitness (2016 -- 2020) (hereinafter referred to as the Nationwide Fitness Plan) in early Mar. this year, which set up seven objectives and seven tasks, laid out a blueprint for the future nationwide fitness, and ensured more sports welfare for Yiwu citizens.

According to the Nationwide Fitness Plan, by 2020, the physical fitness awareness of urban and rural residents in Yiwu will be further enhanced, nationwide fitness will become a basic lifestyle of more people, the physical quality and health level of people will be continuously improved, and Yiwu's various indicators of nationwide fitness will rank among the best in Zhejiang. The public sports field area per capita in Yiwu will exceed 2.4 m2, each town (sub-district) will have a nationwide fitness activity center, all administrative villages will be provided with practical basic public sports and fitness facilities, and an urban-rural "15-minute fitness circle" shall be completely formed. Meanwhile, it is required to make efforts to open all kinds of sports fields and facilities to the public, and public sports facilities and the sports grounds and facilities of schools meeting conditions shall be 100% opened to the public.


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