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Zhejiang Yiwu Industrial Park

ZhejiangYiwu Industrial Park was approved by the State Development and Reform Commission in 2006. On November 22, 2010, the CPC Yiwu Committee and Yiwu Municipal Government decided to separate the Zhejiang Yiwu Industrial Park Administration from the Suxi Town Government in a hope to speed up the development of industry clusters. After the separation, the Industrial Park Administration has become a section-level permanent body which is responsible for rapidly integrating and upgrading the industry clusters and their overall plan. The phase I project will focus on developing the plot surrounded by the Outer Express Ring Road east border, the Sufu Road east border, Yangguang Avenue east border and north bank of Suxi River. Phase II of Yiwu Industrial Park will focus on building the major industrial parks and advantageous industrial bases. The Phase II Park will build 4 industries and 2 centers, namely, the seamless technology industry, electronic and electric industry, leading industry, emerging industry, industrial incubator center and industrial service center. The Park will favor the low-carbon economy and ecology-friendly industry. Based on the existing industry clusters, the Park will promote the regional block-shaped economy and develop itself into the national industrial base and international industrial cluster. It will grasp the opportunity of international industrial transfer, speed up the development of new technological industries and emerging industries and work hard to build more dynamic industrial cluster in Yiwu. Till today, the Industrial Park has a planned area of 17.34 square kilometers. It is composed of a new section and an old section. The old section was developed in the 1990s and now 3.303 square km has been developed, of which the industrial land use is 2 square km with 610 million Yuan of investment in infrastructure. The built area is 2.81 square km, holding 155 enterprises, 2 of which have output of over 100 million Yuan, 64 of which have over 5 million Yuan of output. It has 17 foreign-funded companies, 10 joint ventures and 2 high-tech companies. These enterprises have invested 5.18 billion Yuan in their fixed assets and introduced 120 million US dollars. Till today, the enterprises in the Industrial Park have achieved 4.02 billion Yuan in sales revenues and finalized 630 million Yuan in export. Besides, they have paid 120 million Yuan in taxes and achieved 360 million Yuan in profits.

After the experts from 9 organizations spearheaded by the Provincial Development and Reform Bureau made the joint review and appraisal, the industrial planning of the Park has basically passed the feasibility study. The basic positioning of its industrial development is:
(1) Making the Industrial Park into the sub-center of Yiwu. While enforcing the industrial functions of the Park, efforts will be made to foster its functions in trade, commerce, residence, education, leisure and culture. The ultimate goal is to coordinate the development as an industrial park and new urban area, and form a new industrial city producing the high added value.
(2) Attracting the high added-value, high-tech and capital-intensive advanced manufacturing industry, upgrading the current labor-intensive manufacturing so that the Park will be an important platform of industry upgrading in Yiwu.
(3) Retaining the local corporate headquarters, attract the new ones from outside of Yiwu, highlighting the management, R&D, and marketing functions of the headquarters, taking the key part of the industrial chain, transferring properly the general manufacturing industries to make the Park a cluster of headquarters.
(4) Working hard in the creative and R&D, building the R&D section, promoting the technical translation and applications, providing the R&D, design and other service platform for the commodities manufacturing in the city, thus making it the leading section in high tech.
(5) Carrying out the cycle economy, enhancing the cycle economy industrial chain, strictly controlling the energy consumption, water consumption and waste discharge in an effort to build the model park of cycle economy. The Park will focus on developing 4 parks and 1 cluster, namely, the clothing and textile park, supporting appliances park, fashion and accessories park, the creative design park and the corporate headquarters cluster. Besides, the Park is equipped with the office section, education section, financial service section, distribution section, logistics transit section and residential section.
At present, the land survey for the expansion has been completed. The expanded area will be 11.29 square km, including 9.46 square km of agricultural land, 1.01 square km of construction land, 0,57 square km of forest land and 0.25 square km of unused land. The expansion contains north section and south section, with former covering 7.47 square km surrounded by the Outer Ring Expressway, Sufu Road, the former Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway and Binhe Road. The north section is 3.82 square km, lying on the north bank of Dachen River.
Other preparations for the expansion are under way.


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